Reliable payroll for business made safe and simple.

TimeForge Payroll is a simple, intuitive payroll product designed to make paying your employees easy.

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Payroll For Business

Payroll is more than just paying your employees – it’s rewarding your most valuable asset. Make sure their work is accurately payed for and on time with a product designed to make payroll for business reliable, safe, and simple.

TimeForge Payroll helps to manage your business. Our online payroll software will help your business run smoothly with benefits such as intuitive payroll, trusted compliance, insightful labor costs, and time and attendance integration.

payroll for business

Helping you and your business.

Simple employee records management with online access.

Employees can view payroll stubs, W-2’s and update their personal information – such as address and phone number.


Manage your payroll with complete control.

TimeForge Payroll’s customization features makes payroll powerful, convenient, and unified to fit your needs.


Easy compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

Stay on top of ACA compliance regulations and definitions simply and with confidence.


Track employee Human Resources information.

Keep up with employee information such as benefits, deductions, garnishments, PTO, vacation and sick leave.


Streamline your payroll with integrations into other programs.

Combine TimeForge Payroll with TimeForge Attendance and popular POS programs to pull attendance information for payroll.


Save time with Automated Tasks.

Set up Auto Payroll based on your payroll cycle, and have all payroll tax related items calculated, filed and paid on your behalf.


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